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January 2018 Archives

Terminating parental rights to adopt a stepchild

In addition to marrying the love of your life, you were also fortunate that a great kid was part of the deal. You are one of the lucky stepparents with a strong relationship with your spouse's child, and that relationship has likely become an important part of your life. Undoubtedly, you have thought about the idea of adopting your stepchild, not necessarily to strengthen the bond you share, but to provide your stepchild with the legal and financial benefits of your parenthood.

Child custody: Possession and conservatorship

During a divorce, it seems like there could be a million little details to settle -- splitting accounts, dividing property, etc. An individual with children will likely have the custody and care of the child high on the list on concerns. Most people in Wyoming love their kids dearly, and want to maintain the best possible healthy relationship with them. A sensible child custody agreement can help with maintaining close bonds. 

Your family is unique, and so is your divorce

Wyoming residents who are at the end of their marriages often lean on family and friends for support during this challenging and emotional time. More than likely, they know at least one other person who has been through a divorce and, with good intentions, will attempt to tell the friend or loved one starting the process how it will go. The problem is that no two divorces are exactly the same, and it would be a mistake to think so.

Ease the pain of divorce with a good strategy

Individuals at the end of a marriage may be wondering how to avoid common mistakes. Luckily, people with previous divorce experience are willing to share some methods that have worked for them. Wyoming residents may be able to take some helpful advice from the following list of pitfalls to avoid while dissolving a marriage. 

Expert tips on preparing for divorce

It's that time of the year when an individual is more likely to decide to call it quits with a partner. Divorce filings tend to peak right after the New Year, and also in March and August. It is a rhythm that some researchers are clamoring to explain, while other experts focus on helping individuals get through the process of the marital dissolution. A person in Wyoming facing a divorce after the New Year may be interested to learn some of the most common tips. 

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