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December 2017 Archives

New tax plan could affect alimony payments

The government is changing the way it treats the tax implications of marital separation. A new tax bill passed and was recently signed into law by the president. Within the bill lays policy changes that can affect the way that Wyoming residents will look at alimony

Divorce can expand the sense of family

The end of a marriage doesn't necessarily shrink the family unit, according to researchers. All across the United States, Wyoming included, families are getting bigger due to remarriage and stepfamilies. A person facing divorce may have some fears of reducing the number of individuals with whom to share life, but actually, the opportunities can continue to grow over a lifetime.

Medical concerns can affect child custody and co-parenting

When two parents separate, typically they will have to continue to work together on some level to co-parent the children. Many of the details of child custody can be handled during the divorce itself, and other details are addressed along the way. Medical issues can also be a disruptor in matters of childcare and custody. Individuals in Wyoming may find themselves facing a similar issue, as some parents have learned to handle both diabetes and divorce.

Divorce can affect retirement benefits

Understanding Social Security benefits is an important part of retirement planning. These payments can be affected by divorce, so a person in Wyoming will likely want to understand just what might happen if they choose to stay married, get divorced or remarry. When the person chooses to file for benefits also affects the Social Security payout.

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