What child custody negotiation methods may work for you?

What child custody negotiation methods may work for you?

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Going through a divorce causes many aspects of life to change. Though some of these changes may feel worth it to escape an unhappy marriage, you may have particular concerns about certain other alterations to your life, especially those that affect your children. Because of your concern, you may want to prepare for making child custody decisions and determine what arrangements you feel may best suit your kids’ needs.

Though you may think that every custody decision has to involve a court battle, that does not necessarily have to apply to your case. If you and your ex-spouse can interact amicably and discuss your options and the benefits for your children, you may have many possible avenues open for coming to child custody decisions.

Informal negotiation

As mentioned, you and your ex may still have the ability to get along well enough to discuss important issues. If so, you may want to sit down and have informal negotiations regarding what each of you want when it comes to the custody of your children. If you have the ability to come to agreeable terms, you will then need to write down those terms and submit them to the court for approval.

Alternative dispute resolution

If you and your ex have a modicum of civility left toward each other but do not feel that you could successfully negotiate custody terms informally, you may still be able to reach an agreement without formal courtroom disputes. Alternative dispute resolution methods, such as mediation, could allow you to sit down with an unbiased, third-party mediator who could help steer the discussion and negotiations regarding child custody. These methods often face fewer conflicts and typically result in terms that both parties find satisfying.

Courtroom decisions

In the event that informal negotiations fall through or ADR methods do not work in your favor, you could still end up facing a contentious courtroom battle. In this type of situation, the court will hear both parents’ opinions regarding the situation and will later determine what arrangements may best suit the needs of your children.

In order to prepare for any type of custody negotiation, understanding your legal options could prove useful. By knowing what information could prove important when vying for certain arrangements, you may have a better chance of obtaining the terms you desire. Therefore, you may wish to gain reliable information on child custody proceedings from local Wyoming legal resources.