Celebrity house flippers in alimony dispute

Celebrity house flippers in alimony dispute

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Two celebrity house flippers have not been able to settle their disputes over post-marital payouts. The couple became famous for their mid-2000s’ reality show “Flip This House.” They split in 2012, but news of the couple has resurfaced since they landed back in court over a disagreement about alimony payments. Wyoming fans of the show may be wondering just how profitable house flipping can be after seeing details of the divorce agreement. 

The couple’s original agreement was set to end this year, after five years. The agreed-upon plan was for the ex-wife to receive $4,000 per week, plus an annual payout of $250,000. The woman claimed that she had not yet received all the payments for last year, specifically the lump sum annual payout. She claims to have only received $102,500, but the ex-husband maintains that he actually overpaid the amount by almost $50,000.

After 14 years of marriage, and the success of their TV show, the couple was not able to make it work, and the man filed for divorce in 2011. The initial filing for the alleged breach of payment called for the man to be jailed and to be forced to pay $1,000 per day until the full payment was made. Court records reveal that the requested penalty was never instated, and that the issue had been settled, noting that all payments had been made in full. 

The man has gone on to yet another TV house-flipping show with his new wife. The alimony issue appears to be finalized between the man and his ex. Individuals in Wyoming who are having problems with payment for enforcement of alimony orders may be able to take some insight from their story. Another potential source of aid is an experienced family law attorney.

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