Can certain factors predict divorce?

Can certain factors predict divorce?

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Some people wonder exactly what it is that makes a marriage last. Are there certain predictors that can indicate whether a particular relationship is headed toward divorce? And given those factors, do they truly matter when it is time to dissolve the marriage? Every marriage is unique to the individuals that make up the relationship, but people in Wyoming may be wondering about factors that indicate a greater likelihood for divorce. 

Researchers and professors have been taking a closer look at what may make a marriage dissolve. They have found that individuals who marry later in life have a less chance to divorce than those who marry in their teens or early 20s. Demographics such as education and religion can matter, too. A person who has a college education is less likely to divorce than another who has only a high school diploma.

Emotional stability can take a toll on a relationship. Neuroticism is an indicator for breakups. And by the time a person is feeling contempt for his or her partner, it is often a death knell. Honesty is the best policy when it comes to preserving relationships. Unsurprisingly, adulterers have a harder time keeping the marital bond together. 

Of course, correlation does not equal causation, every case is unique, and sometimes love conquers all. But for the rest of humanity, sometimes individuals need to cut the cord and take the steps necessary for divorce in order to preserve their own health and happiness. For those folks, especially those in Wyoming facing divorce, many choose to use the services of an experienced family law attorney. 

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