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November 2017 Archives

Celebrity house flippers in alimony dispute

Two celebrity house flippers have not been able to settle their disputes over post-marital payouts. The couple became famous for their mid-2000s' reality show "Flip This House." They split in 2012, but news of the couple has resurfaced since they landed back in court over a disagreement about alimony payments. Wyoming fans of the show may be wondering just how profitable house flipping can be after seeing details of the divorce agreement. 

What child custody negotiation methods may work for you?

Going through a divorce causes many aspects of life to change. Though some of these changes may feel worth it to escape an unhappy marriage, you may have particular concerns about certain other alterations to your life, especially those that affect your children. Because of your concern, you may want to prepare for making child custody decisions and determine what arrangements you feel may best suit your kids' needs.

Child custody should center on well-being of the children

Children need proper care and support in order to thrive and grow into their fullest potential. When a couple is going through a divorce, child custody issues will be one of the many details that will need to be settled. Before the judge weighs in, most families will tentatively decide on a custody arrangement for the meantime. In Wyoming, a parent who is dissolving his or her marriage will likely want to keep the best interests of the children at heart. 

Equitable property division matters for longterm security

Divorce is becoming more common for older individuals than ever before. Issues of property division and financial security are typically considered with every marital dissolution, but these issues may weigh more heavily for older individuals who are nearing retirement. A recent news article recommends a few tips from the experts for individuals in Wyoming to consider while undergoing the dissolution process to make long-term survival a bit easier. 

Can certain factors predict divorce?

Some people wonder exactly what it is that makes a marriage last. Are there certain predictors that can indicate whether a particular relationship is headed toward divorce? And given those factors, do they truly matter when it is time to dissolve the marriage? Every marriage is unique to the individuals that make up the relationship, but people in Wyoming may be wondering about factors that indicate a greater likelihood for divorce. 

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