A new theory about divorce in families

A new theory about divorce in families

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Researchers have been trying to figure out the reasons why humans do what they do for centuries. As new science emerges, theories change, but there will always be debate. New research on the topic has emerged from two universities. People in Wyoming may be interested to learn about the recent study claiming that divorce runs in families due to genes. 

Researchers from the Virginia Commonwealth University and Lund University in Sweden attempted to analyze the reasons why marital breakups seem to plague families. They studied the behaviors of adopted individuals and found that adopted people were more likely to mimic the habits of the biological parents rather than the adoptive parents. The researchers have concluded, based on their analysis, that genetic factors determine a person’s likelihood of ending a marriage. 

Based on the results, researchers feel that a change in therapeutic approach can be helpful for couples facing divorce. Instead of focusing on doubling down on commitment, or strengthening interpersonal skills, they propose that therapists treat more basic personality traits and cognitive distortions that other research has shown affects one’s genetic likelihood to divorce. This is a change from the commonly held belief that the propensity for breakups to run in families is because of learned behavior. 

This topic will no doubt continue to be examined by researchers, and individuals will continue to end their marriages for a wide variety of reasons. Sometimes the reason why matters less than the practical extraction from the bad relationship. When a person decides that the time has finally come to end the marriage in Wyoming, a family law attorney can be a useful guide. 

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