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October 2017 Archives

Want to avoid litigation? There is a better way to divorce.

The end of your marriage will be a difficult process for every member of the family, but it can be especially difficult for your children. In order to minimize the negative impact of this process for everyone, some Wyoming couples choose to keep their divorce out of court. By keeping your divorce out of the courtroom and around the negotiating table, you may be able to ease the complications of this difficult process and come to a final order that works well for everyone.

Include special events, like Halloween, into child custody plan

Sharing the care and support of children after a breakup can be a challenging task. When negotiating child custody, most people anticipate and plan for how to handle major holidays, such as Christmas and Thanksgiving. Other holidays, like Halloween, are not always immediately thought of, but this doesn't mean that parents can't find a solution that works out for everyone. In Wyoming, families may benefit from a few suggestions, as offered in a recent news story. 

Divorce and finances: A little planning can go a long way

Whether you're simply considering a divorce or have already begun proceedings, you likely have a lot on your mind. The end of a marriage can be a complicated and stressful time, with lots of issues to address and things to worry about. One concern typically stands far above others, however, and that is the issue of money.

After a divorce comes time to renew

Sometimes in a marriage a person makes sacrifices they later regret. After the end of the marriage, an opportunity presents itself for individuals to relaunch their life in a fresh new direction. In Wyoming, a person at the end of his or her marriage may be looking for some ideas on how to best move forward. A recent news story gives some suggestions that some individuals have found helpful on their new single journey. 

Blended Retirement System may affect military divorce

The retirement plan of U.S. military service people is changing next year, reports one news outlet. They write that, in 2018, the pension plan will be reduced, and the Department of Defense will then begin automatic and matching contributions into Thrift Savings Plans for service members. Some say the change may have unforeseen effects on divorce settlements. Although divorce rates are dropping, the new change could potentially affect many people in Wyoming. 

A new theory about divorce in families

Researchers have been trying to figure out the reasons why humans do what they do for centuries. As new science emerges, theories change, but there will always be debate. New research on the topic has emerged from two universities. People in Wyoming may be interested to learn about the recent study claiming that divorce runs in families due to genes. 

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