Shared child custody may be best solution

Shared child custody may be best solution

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Children deserve the very best and most fair treatment possible since they lack control over their lives. A young child is innocent and should be able to focus solely on growth and development so that he or she may thrive as an adult. As divorce becomes a more normalized part of culture, evidence-based research is emerging about how to best support children through divorce. Parents facing child custody questions in Wyoming may be interested to learn about research pointing to the positive benefits of shared custody. 

A Swedish University paired up with a research institute to look at health and behavioral patterns of many types of children in order to determine if one particular custodial arrangement demonstrated better outcomes. The study looked at thousands of children over many types of family backgrounds. They based the mental health findings on reports from teachers and parents. 

The study found that, of the children from divorced families, the children from families with joint physical custody were the least stressed. Experts propose that the reduced amount of stress was because the child was able to have a healthy relationship with both parents. Parents who are divorced but remain in contact are able to actively parent together. 

Although the prospect of shared child custody may be easier said than done, the research shows that it is worth the effort for your child’s sake. Children are a precious gift, and even two individuals who disagree can often come together for a child’s sake. A person in Wyoming who faces the prospect of sharing custody with their ex may want some help through this trying time. An experienced family law attorney can guide a person through the legal process and offer assistance with a view toward keeping the best interests of any children involved at the forefront of negotiations. 

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