How will a job change affect alimony payments?

How will a job change affect alimony payments?

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A person’s life path is rarely a straight line to a predetermined goal. Few people expect to divorce a spouse, and fewer still expect to have a drastic reduction in income over the course of a career. Nevertheless, these situations happen on the roller coaster of life, and big changes can affect a person’s life greatly. Some individuals in Wyoming may be wondering how divorce and career might affect them — specifically how an alimony payment would be affected if the person paying has a reduction in income. 

An alimony agreement, once settled by the judge, is a binding legal agreement. The agreements are subject to review and possible modification if a person can demonstrate a change of circumstances. The change in circumstance must have occurred after the original order was entered by the court, and it will be up to the person who asks for the change to prove that the change is significant and permanent. 

A person’s ability to pay alimony was set upon the lifestyle the spouse was accustomed to during the marriage. If a person should lose their job, or choose a different career, and the income is lowered, it does not automatically mean that the alimony payment will be reduced. The person will have to show a good faith effort was made to maintain the previous level of income. Career changes made simply for a more enjoyable work situation usually do not count for proof that the change was needed. 

Unfortunately, due to unscrupulous behavior from a small number of individuals who seek to avoid alimony obligations, courts are wary of individuals looking for lower-wage, enjoyable employment. However, a person may still require a legitimate modification of the order in Wyoming. When that is the case, a lawyer can be of assistance with strategy for the modification review.

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