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September 2017 Archives

How will a job change affect alimony payments?

A person's life path is rarely a straight line to a predetermined goal. Few people expect to divorce a spouse, and fewer still expect to have a drastic reduction in income over the course of a career. Nevertheless, these situations happen on the roller coaster of life, and big changes can affect a person's life greatly. Some individuals in Wyoming may be wondering how divorce and career might affect them -- specifically how an alimony payment would be affected if the person paying has a reduction in income. 

Property Division: Divide retirement accounts carefully

The end of the marriage comes with a series of endings and separations. One of the separations comes when the two individuals separate any joint savings and retirement accounts. Property division can be tricky, and it isn't always easy to know what is equitable. Plus, there are tax rules and Social Security rules to be conscious of. People in Wyoming considering divorce may wish to research the best strategy for dividing assets before making any major financial moves. 

Shared child custody may be best solution

Children deserve the very best and most fair treatment possible since they lack control over their lives. A young child is innocent and should be able to focus solely on growth and development so that he or she may thrive as an adult. As divorce becomes a more normalized part of culture, evidence-based research is emerging about how to best support children through divorce. Parents facing child custody questions in Wyoming may be interested to learn about research pointing to the positive benefits of shared custody. 

Choosing a divorce attorney

At the end of a marriage, it is likely that a person has many loose ends to gather up and issues to settle. In Wyoming, one of those issues is choosing the right divorce attorney. It's best to avoid simply choosing the first lawyer in the phonebook, or the one recommended by a family friend. Knowing what to expect from an attorney can help an individual choose the one that is most compatible with the person's needs. 

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