Going through a marital split-up? Mediation may make it easier

Going through a marital split-up? Mediation may make it easier

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A divorce is a life-changing event due to the emotional and financial complications it can cause. This is the case no matter how long or short you have been married. Unfortunately, dragging out the divorce due to animosity on both sides can make the process even more harrowing.

Many couples in Wyoming and elsewhere are choosing to avoid traditional divorce litigation these days and are turning to divorce mediation instead. Mediation enables a couple going through a marital split-up to feel in control when it comes to planning their lives.

What is the role of the mediator?

During mediation, the mediator serves as a neutral third party specifically trained to guide couples in resolving their divorce-relate issues. The mediator’s job is to drive communication between you and your soon-to-be ex and to make sure that both of you have uninterrupted opportunities to talk. The mediator might even ask your spouse to clarify a point he or she is trying to make, or the mediator may ask you some questions to help you to communicate your needs more clearly.

The mediator is also a source of helpful information regarding the legal system in Wyoming, including how a judge might see a particular scenario. Any alternatives for addressing an issue may also come from this third party.

What are the steps of mediation?

You, your spouse and the mediator will meet for mediation sessions that are each an hour to two hours in length. During your first meeting, you will call attention to those issues you need to tackle, such as the division of assets, alimony or even child custody. Then, you will decide what particular information you and your spouse need to gather and share during your upcoming mediation sessions. This information may include financial information or even information from an appraiser.

In future meetings, you and your spouse will discuss your issues related to your marital split-up and work to reach a settlement that satisfies both of you. After you have agreed on all matters at hand, your mediator will put together an official agreement that both of you can review before it is filed with the court in Wyoming. During the mediation process, you have the right to fight for your fair share of assets and for an outcome that is ultimately in your best interest long term.