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August 2017 Archives

Both parents important in child custody

New research shows that a child's relationship with mom and dad is equally important. Gone are the days of defaulting to single custody for one parent with visitation for the other. With an important exception for keeping a child away from a parent that is abusive or neglectful, the general rule, borne out by research, is that shared child custody is the best option for the child. Individuals in Wyoming who desire to split caregiving with their ex can take some hope from one scientist's recent research. 

First steps when facing divorce

Ending a marriage will usually need to be handled strategically as well as emotionally. In Wyoming, when facing a divorce, there are a few important first steps to take before signing any agreements and moving on with one's life. A person will need to get his or her house in order, metaphorically speaking. Divorce, when approached in an informed way, can be handled so that any frustration regarding the transition is minimized. 

Going through a marital split-up? Mediation may make it easier

A divorce is a life-changing event due to the emotional and financial complications it can cause. This is the case no matter how long or short you have been married. Unfortunately, dragging out the divorce due to animosity on both sides can make the process even more harrowing.

Social Security rules ready for a number of divorce situations

All relationships are unique. That uniqueness extends also to divorce circumstances. The specific circumstances of one's divorce can lead to different outcomes for one's Social Security benefits. Luckily, the Social Security Administration had anticipated the wide variety of life circumstances and has developed rules that govern the various after-marriage situations that can apply to Wyoming residents. 

How will a Thrift Savings Plan be split during property division?

A divorce can affect a person's various retirement accounts. Federal employees often utilize a type of savings account called the Thrift Savings Plan or TSP. Certain guidelines govern how the TSP can be handled during the property division portion of divorce proceedings. A recent news article gives details that Wyoming residents may find informative. 

Child custody dispute focuses on private mental health history

If a physician has determined that a person's mental health history does not affect their ability to parent, should that person have to release their health records? That is the question posed in a recent child custody case in which a mother sought full custody of her children. Her husband, diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder, was reluctant to offer up his full private details. A recent news article shares more details about the unusual custody case that readers in Wyoming may find interesting. 

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