Who gets the season tickets to Broncos games in divorce?

Who gets the season tickets to Broncos games in divorce?

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Many Wyoming residents are avid sports fans, especially when the Denver Broncos are concerned. In fact, some people hold season tickets and travel the four or so hours it may take to attend games in person. One wouldn’t think something like tickets to football games would be a source of marital problems; however, when divorce occurs, it’s assets like these that often lead to contentious property division battles in court. Of course, if children are involved, custody, support and visitation matters may be challenging as well.

To achieve a fair and agreeable settlement, it’s crucial to negotiate all terms as amicably as possible. The problem is, many divorces occur in the first place due to serious communication breakdowns between spouses. This often makes friendly negotiation seem impossible. Reaching out for support and arming yourself with as much information ahead of time as possible may help prevent lingering disagreements.

Important topics to consider when preparing for divorce

When you got married, it’s not likely you were thinking of divorce on your wedding day. Although you may have suspected your marriage was headed toward decline as time went on, it probably took a while before you made a final decision to call it quits.

Once you’ve made that decision, your mind may have filled with questions and concerns regarding various aspects of the divorce process. Below, is a list of the main topics it helps to discuss before heading to court:

  • Child-related issues: You and your spouse will naturally need to reach an agreement regarding a future parenting plan. It also helps to ask others who have trod similar paths before you for advice as to how to keep stress levels low when it comes to custody issues or those involving child support or visitation.
  • Relevant documents: When preparing for divorce, you’ll want to compile all necessary paperwork that may impact the court’s decisions and/or your final settlement. This might include a prenuptial agreement if you have one, proof of income, bank statements, credit information and other official papers.
  • Property Division: This is where issues such as those season NFL tickets, artwork collections, vacation property, business interests and other asset matters are covered. Wyoming is an equitable division state (as most states are), meaning the court will determine how to divide marital property equitably between you and your soon-to-be former spouse.

Hopefully, you have a prenuptial agreement in place for any property or assets of which you wish to retain separate ownership in divorce. If not, this doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a lost cause, although it might be a bit more challenging to reach an agreement. Many people enlist the help of skilled negotiators when it comes to property issues in divorce.

An experienced Wyoming family law attorney is someone who can provide such assistance. Based on a clear understanding of state law and experience helping others who have faced similar challenges in the past, an attorney can help protect your rights and pursue options that address your financial needs and goals as your divorce is finalized in court.