Shared child custody normalized on children’s TV show

Shared child custody normalized on children’s TV show

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Children’s television shows can be an important tool to teach kids about a wider range of family arrangements. Traditionally, shows have stayed close to the concept of the nuclear or the blended family. A new Disney show tackles the topic of divorce and shows a family who shares child custody in a mature and peaceful way. For co-parenting families in Wyoming, the show can serve as a way to demonstrate to children that shared child custody can be a normal and healthy way for families to interact. 

National trends show that the divorce rate is declining, but that does not mean that the divorced, co-parenting family no longer exists. In fact, many families like this do exist, and having a TV show that reflects a common family structure can let kids know that they are not alone if they have divorced co-parents. In the show, the children will live with their mother, but the father will still be a big part of their lives. 

Shared child custody is one of several options available when individuals divorce after the birth of children. This option allows both parents to still remain in the child’s life, and it is a commonly held belief that usually a mature co-parenting relationship is in the child’s best interest, although of course this is not always the case. If there is a danger to the child from one of the parents, single parent custody is also an option. 

It can be inspiring to families when media illustrates emerging family structures and shows children that happily ever after may not look the same for every family. Parents considering divorce in Wyoming will have to plan for child custody arrangements as part of the divorce agreement. A parent considering divorce can usually benefit from the guidance of an experienced family law attorney as they handle details of divorce and child custody during a potentially trying time for the family. 

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