Does a military career equal military divorce?

Does a military career equal military divorce?

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The path a person chooses for their career can affect their life in many ways. It appears that some jobs by their very nature predispose couples to seek divorce. A recent news article highlights a review of U.S. Census data, and demonstrates that a military career can in fact lead to military divorce in Wyoming and all across the United States. 

In an analysis performed by a career website, it was found that military jobs took two of the top five spots for the highest rates of divorce. The number-one spot was held by first-line military supervisors, with a 30 percent divorce rate. Enlisted military tactical operations held another one of the first five positions on the rankings. Other slots were held by engineers, logisticians and automotive service technicians. 

The data was revealing in additional ways. There is a long-standing belief that, in the United States, half of marriages end in divorce. The study of the Census data found that observation to be false. In fact, when looking broadly by industry, military divorce rates were around 15 percent, and most other industries had divorce rates of about 10 percent. 

Perhaps it is the stress of uprooting a family, deployments or financial issues that contribute to the increased rates of military divorce. The study did not give much analysis on the reasons why military families were more prone to divorce. In Wyoming, a military serviceperson seeking a divorce will often seek a lawyer for help with undergoing the steps of the divorce process, as family law attorneys are familiar with divorce laws.

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