Divorce reaching new heights of social acceptance

Divorce reaching new heights of social acceptance

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Modern views are making way for new thoughts about partnership. A recent Gallup poll shows that most Americans do not object to divorce on moral grounds. Even unlikely groups, such as older people, married people and the religious are changing their views on divorce. Opinions on the negative effects of divorce have softened, in Wyoming and all across the country. 

The Gallup study compared views on divorce to previous conclusion taken in 2001 and earlier decades. Since the 2001 poll, the percent of people who do not object to divorce on moral grounds has increased 14 points. The majority of people, 73 percent, now feel that divorce is ok, a feeling that has been steadily on the increase since the 1950s. 

Some have concluded that the creation of no-fault divorce policies in U.S. states helped to turn attitudes around, beginning in the 1970s. The rate of divorce peaked in the 1980s and 1990s, and although the divorce trend has stabilized, people continue to have more and more favorable views on the issue. The opinion seems to be equally spread among different age groups. 

What will individuals in Wyoming take away from this news? They may take away the idea that divorce can be a workable solution that will not leave them socially stigmatized and isolated. If an individual is considering divorce, he or she may choose to consult with a divorce attorney who is familiar with applicable laws and who is able to represent one’s best interests during divorce proceedings. 

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