Allowing for the possibility of divorce brings out the best

Allowing for the possibility of divorce brings out the best

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Times change, humans evolve and relationship needs can transform over time. As people move into the modern age, they move away from what has been called a shame-based model of marriage. Allowing for the possibility of divorce, even though many may not take it, helps people show up to marry with the mindset that they can choose to do what is right for them. In Wyoming, as well as other states, preparing for divorce can be as important as preparing for the marriage itself. 

One therapist argues that the concept of a one-size-fits-all marriage is unhealthy and damaging. When people feel trapped in an arrangement that they can never escape, they are not able to be their best selves and experience misery. But when people know that they have an out from a situation that no longer serves them, one that they may have outgrown, they are able to make more informed choices about what is best for them. 

Today some couples are exploring their options for life together and life apart. Divorce planning is no longer viewed with stigma. It is seen as a way for each person to prepare for their own life, to advocate for themselves, and to ensure that they are living their own truth. It is important for people to understand that they have no idea how much they might change over the course of just one decade. The change can be drastic, according to one Harvard psychologist. 

A married person in Wyoming may be considering divorce, and he or she can do so knowing that there is no shame in choosing what is best for one’s own life and happiness. A family law attorney can help with the many steps of the divorce planning process — from prenuptial agreements, divorce agreements and child custody arrangements — by helping a person advocate for their own needs. The lawyer is familiar with the laws in one’s own home state and can create a legally binding document that will pave the way for a fair and comprehensive divorce. 

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