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July 2017 Archives

Does a military career equal military divorce?

The path a person chooses for their career can affect their life in many ways. It appears that some jobs by their very nature predispose couples to seek divorce. A recent news article highlights a review of U.S. Census data, and demonstrates that a military career can in fact lead to military divorce in Wyoming and all across the United States. 

Shared child custody normalized on children's TV show

Children's television shows can be an important tool to teach kids about a wider range of family arrangements. Traditionally, shows have stayed close to the concept of the nuclear or the blended family. A new Disney show tackles the topic of divorce and shows a family who shares child custody in a mature and peaceful way. For co-parenting families in Wyoming, the show can serve as a way to demonstrate to children that shared child custody can be a normal and healthy way for families to interact. 

Who gets the season tickets to Broncos games in divorce?

Many Wyoming residents are avid sports fans, especially when the Denver Broncos are concerned. In fact, some people hold season tickets and travel the four or so hours it may take to attend games in person. One wouldn't think something like tickets to football games would be a source of marital problems; however, when divorce occurs, it's assets like these that often lead to contentious property division battles in court. Of course, if children are involved, custody, support and visitation matters may be challenging as well.

Divorce reaching new heights of social acceptance

Modern views are making way for new thoughts about partnership. A recent Gallup poll shows that most Americans do not object to divorce on moral grounds. Even unlikely groups, such as older people, married people and the religious are changing their views on divorce. Opinions on the negative effects of divorce have softened, in Wyoming and all across the country. 

Allowing for the possibility of divorce brings out the best

Times change, humans evolve and relationship needs can transform over time. As people move into the modern age, they move away from what has been called a shame-based model of marriage. Allowing for the possibility of divorce, even though many may not take it, helps people show up to marry with the mindset that they can choose to do what is right for them. In Wyoming, as well as other states, preparing for divorce can be as important as preparing for the marriage itself. 

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