Too old to divorce? Think again.

Too old to divorce? Think again.

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The golden years are looking a lot different these days. Traditionally, people imagined themselves ending their lives with their long-term partners — for better or for worse. But as social stigmas surrounding divorce have lessened, and resources for single people become more available, more folks are thinking, why compromise? In a recent news story, the ins and outs of gray divorce are covered, giving food for thought to older couples considering divorce in Wyoming. 

According to a Pew research study, rates of divorce for couples aged 50 and older have doubled since the 1990s. Data from the U.S. Center for Health Statistics and the Census Bureau shows that divorce for those aged 65 and older tripled between 1990 and 2015. People are living longer these days, and they are choosing the single life in increasing numbers.  

Some may worry about meeting another person, but relationship experts note that since there are more and more divorcing elders, the dating pool for seniors is bigger than before and growing. Financial considerations become more important as we age, but resources are available to assist with that part of divorce. Also, older people are more likely to have assets that will need to be divided, but with careful planning, these issues can be addressed. 

Persons considering divorce in Wyoming can find solace in the fact that there are resources available to help them through this transition. An experienced lawyer will be familiar with the relevant state laws and will also be able to help a client come to an agreement that meets his or her best interests. Older couples can have peace of mind knowing that they are not alone when it comes to considering divorce. 

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