Child support payments made easier with new program

Child support payments made easier with new program

On Behalf of | Jun 12, 2017 | Alimony And Child Support, Firm News |

As families figure out the details of separation and divorce, most parents will want to focus on strategies that support and benefit their children. Even if the parents are not able to maintain their marital relationship, they will want to take actions that serve the best interests of their children. In Wyoming, a common consideration for divorcing couples is the child support agreement. One program in another state has increased collection of child support payments by making access to payments much easier. 

The program allows parents to make child support payments at local convenience stores. The participating stores are popular and plentiful, giving the parents a greater opportunity to access a payment site without additional hardship. This program evens allows the option for parents to pay child support payments in cash. This step supports accessibility for parents who otherwise are unable to send support via their bank accounts or other electronic means. 

The fee for participating in this Michigan program is nominal. Since it’s launch, the program has collected approximately $1.6 million in payments across its state of origin. The flexibility of the account means that parents can even pay remotely, from out of state, when they set up online payment accounts. The program directors promote the benefits to families when parents are more easily able to pay child support payments in convenient places.

Divorcing Wyoming families certainly face some challenges when negotiating care and support of their children. If parents fall behind or are unable to make timely payments, ultimately innocent children can suffer. A lawyer can be of assistance to families with questions or concerns about child support payments. The attorney can inform and assist families as they navigate family law issues relating to child support. 

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