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June 2017 Archives

Alimony payments must be part of agreement to be tax deductible

The legally valid divorce or separation agreement is an important tool for divorcing couples. The terms negotiated in such an agreement can have lasting impacts for individuals. The tax implications of one alimony agreement are discussed in a recent news story which may provide some helpful information for persons considering divorce in the state of Wyoming.

Too old to divorce? Think again.

The golden years are looking a lot different these days. Traditionally, people imagined themselves ending their lives with their long-term partners -- for better or for worse. But as social stigmas surrounding divorce have lessened, and resources for single people become more available, more folks are thinking, why compromise? In a recent news story, the ins and outs of gray divorce are covered, giving food for thought to older couples considering divorce in Wyoming. 

Wyoming is an equitable division state

When you and your spouse tied the knot, you may have signed a prenuptial agreement.  If so, then you've likely already discussed the topic of property division laws in Wyoming. If you were more focused on planning a meaningful ceremony and building dreams for the future (not wanting to consider the possibility that things may not work out the way you'd hoped then you may be treading into unknown territory when it comes to how to divide your assets now that you've decided to divorce.

Child support payments made easier with new program

As families figure out the details of separation and divorce, most parents will want to focus on strategies that support and benefit their children. Even if the parents are not able to maintain their marital relationship, they will want to take actions that serve the best interests of their children. In Wyoming, a common consideration for divorcing couples is the child support agreement. One program in another state has increased collection of child support payments by making access to payments much easier. 

Divorce preparation includes property division concerns

It can be tough to figure out all the vital details during a legal matter. Those in the know seem to agree that it is important to utilize professional services when needed to decide how to handle property division and allocation of assets during divorce. Residents of Wyoming may choose to take advice from a recent article that gives tips on how to prepare one's finances for divorce. 

Supreme Court ruling clarifies military divorce issue

An issue of how military pensions are distributed in divorce has gone all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court. Previously, in Wyoming and beyond, it was unclear if a disabled ex-spouse is responsible to make up the reduction in an ex-spouse's retirement benefits when the military pension is reduced due to receiving disability pay. The policy has varied from state to state, making the specifics of military divorce murky. Recently, the Supreme Court made the issue clearer by ruling that disabled ex-spouses do not have to make up any shortfalls if military pension payments are reduced for disability payments.

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