Helping children cope with divorce

Helping children cope with divorce

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Deciding to end a marriage can be a stressful experience for Wyoming couples and others around the country. It is particularly difficult when there are children involved, no matter what the ages. Experts stress the importance of considering how a divorce will impact the children. Though it may be hard for the separating couple, it is imperative that children are given ways to deal with their parents’ divorce.

While not every detail needs to be shared, children need to know what is happening. Parents should explain the divorce process, keeping the dialogue at an age-appropriate level. It is critical to maintain open communication and answer any questions a child might have. On the other hand, parents should offer information if a child is not approaching them with questions.

Children often blame themselves for a breakup, and parents need to eradicate that thinking. The children need to be reassured that they were not the cause of the divorce. Though it may be difficult, experts recommend that ex-spouses show support of each other as parents. If there are disagreements in parenting goals or styles, discuss them privately. Also, children should not be used to manipulate a former spouse.

Schedules that were once routine may be completely turned upside down. It is important to exhibit understanding and be flexible as the new routines are established. Counselors remind parents that though children may seem content with any new living situation, they are still grieving the loss of their former life. Many resources for help exist for children as well as divorcing spouses.

Going through a divorce is often a complex process. To protect one’s best interests, particularly when a couple has children, it would be wise to contact a knowledgeable Wyoming divorce attorney. An experience lawyer will explain the process thoroughly and work toward achieving the best outcome for a client in the divorce proceedings.

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