Child support in a Wyoming divorce

Child support in a Wyoming divorce

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When a Wyoming couple with children decides to divorce, many issues must be addressed. For example, the parting spouses must address how the children will be supported financially. One of the common methods to resolve this issue is the determination of child support. Child support terms are frequently determined by a court and are designed to help the lower-income spouse maintain a child’s standard of living, no matter which parent has custody or visitation.

However, experts acknowledge that real-world application of child support laws doesn’t always follow the statutes as written. One report showed billions of dollars in uncollected child support. Unfortunately, this means that many children are not receiving the appropriate funds needed for their care. Conversely, some ex-spouses can hardly make ends meet because of large child support payments.

No matter what side of the issue someone is on, all would likely acknowledge that child support payments should be used for the children. Experts contend that many issues should be addressed. Child support payments amounts should be fair, while sufficient to meet the needs of the children involved. It is also important that the funds be paid as scheduled and used the way as intended.

Going through a divorce can be a very stressful experience. The stress level can be heightened, particularly when disagreements arise regarding children and money. A family law attorney can be a valuable partner when navigating the complex issues of a divorce. A Wyoming lawyer will address all aspects of the divorce proceedings, including child support, with a client’s best interests in mind.

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