Advice for those about to enter the divorce process

Advice for those about to enter the divorce process

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Nearly everyone here in Wyoming knows at least one person who ended his or her marriage. Because of this, there is often no shortage of advice from friends and family when it comes to divorce. Even co-workers offer advice. The problem is that every family is different, and what worked for one person — or didn’t work as the case may be — may not be right for another person. However, there are some universal tips that everyone entering in the divorce process can benefit from.

First, as soon as divorce is contemplated or discussed, documentation regarding the family assets and debts should be gathered. Get copies of important papers now before they get “misplaced” or “lost” by the other party. This does not only apply to financial records, however. Copies of birth certificates, school records and medical records are just as important.

Curb social media use. Complaining about a soon-to-be former spouse, posting photographs of a recent vacation or purchase and flaunting a new relationship on social media could all become evidence in court. Furthermore, if a couple intends to try to negotiate their own settlement, any derogatory comments on Facebook could put a sudden and costly stop to what could have been an amicable situation.

Following at least these two pieces of advice could help ensure that a Wyoming couple has the best chance possible of working out a settlement that is satisfactory to both of them. Going into negotiations with as much information as possible and with as little animosity as possible encourages more of an atmosphere of cooperation and compromise. This is often what the parties need to reach a fair and equitable settlement that allows each of them to move forward with some financial security.

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