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April 2017 Archives

Advice for those about to enter the divorce process

Nearly everyone here in Wyoming knows at least one person who ended his or her marriage. Because of this, there is often no shortage of advice from friends and family when it comes to divorce. Even co-workers offer advice. The problem is that every family is different, and what worked for one person -- or didn't work as the case may be -- may not be right for another person. However, there are some universal tips that everyone entering in the divorce process can benefit from.

Tax tips important information during divorce

Ending a marriage in Wyoming can be a complicated process, especially when it comes to financial obligations. Often, one spouse is responsible for money matters in a marriage. After a divorce, someone may have to take on the duties of money management that has never handled it before. Since errors or poor judgment could result in expensive consequences, it is important to seek financial help when needed. However, there are recommendations from experts for those who are dealing with financial issues for the first time.

Child support in a Wyoming divorce

When a Wyoming couple with children decides to divorce, many issues must be addressed. For example, the parting spouses must address how the children will be supported financially. One of the common methods to resolve this issue is the determination of child support. Child support terms are frequently determined by a court and are designed to help the lower-income spouse maintain a child's standard of living, no matter which parent has custody or visitation.

Maintain strong finances in divorce proceedings

Researchers from a university in another state have reported that marriages tend to break up on a seasonal basis. After reviewing 14 years of divorce filings, they found that March and August tended to be the months where the highest numbers occurred. No matter what month Wyoming divorce proceedings begin, a personal finance website recently recommended some tips to help those people who have never dealt with finances alone before.

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