Divorce more likely in second or later marriages

Divorce more likely in second or later marriages

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When a first marriage ends for Wyoming residents, many may choose to walk down the aisle again. However, marriage therapists present statistics that show how a second or later union is much more likely to end in divorce than a first marriage. The therapists offered several theories to explain these statistics for couples across the nation.

One expert cites how remarrying quickly can result in trust issues. Many issues from a first marriage may be unresolved and can filter into the new relationship. Finances are another factor that contribute to stress in a later marriage. Most couples are older and bring more resources into a relationship, creating more opportunities for possible conflict.

Most couples do not see the need for pre-marital counseling since they have been married before. However, therapists suggest that addressing certain issues prior to a wedding could help avoid problems later. Also, some experts believe that a second or later marriage is easier to leave than a first since bonds with extended family members are not as strong.

In some cases, expectations for a later union are higher than for a first marriage. This can create huge disappointments when those expectations are not met. Finally, remarrying couples bring history from previous relationships with them into the new marriage. Therapists recommend discussing these past issues to avoid future problems.

Divorce — whether in a first, second or later marriage — is a traumatic event with many potential complications. Those contemplating a divorce in Wyoming should seek advice from an experienced family law attorney. A dedicated lawyer will evaluate the situation and formulate a plan to meet a client’s specific needs and work toward achieving the best results in divorce proceedings.

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