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Choosing a divorce attorney

At the end of a marriage, it is likely that a person has many loose ends to gather up and issues to settle. In Wyoming, one of those issues is choosing the right divorce attorney. It's best to avoid simply choosing the first lawyer in the phonebook, or the one recommended by a family friend. Knowing what to expect from an attorney can help an individual choose the one that is most compatible with the person's needs. 

First steps when facing divorce

Ending a marriage will usually need to be handled strategically as well as emotionally. In Wyoming, when facing a divorce, there are a few important first steps to take before signing any agreements and moving on with one's life. A person will need to get his or her house in order, metaphorically speaking. Divorce, when approached in an informed way, can be handled so that any frustration regarding the transition is minimized. 

Social Security rules ready for a number of divorce situations

All relationships are unique. That uniqueness extends also to divorce circumstances. The specific circumstances of one's divorce can lead to different outcomes for one's Social Security benefits. Luckily, the Social Security Administration had anticipated the wide variety of life circumstances and has developed rules that govern the various after-marriage situations that can apply to Wyoming residents. 

Who gets the season tickets to Broncos games in divorce?

Many Wyoming residents are avid sports fans, especially when the Denver Broncos are concerned. In fact, some people hold season tickets and travel the four or so hours it may take to attend games in person. One wouldn't think something like tickets to football games would be a source of marital problems; however, when divorce occurs, it's assets like these that often lead to contentious property division battles in court. Of course, if children are involved, custody, support and visitation matters may be challenging as well.

Divorce reaching new heights of social acceptance

Modern views are making way for new thoughts about partnership. A recent Gallup poll shows that most Americans do not object to divorce on moral grounds. Even unlikely groups, such as older people, married people and the religious are changing their views on divorce. Opinions on the negative effects of divorce have softened, in Wyoming and all across the country. 

Allowing for the possibility of divorce brings out the best

Times change, humans evolve and relationship needs can transform over time. As people move into the modern age, they move away from what has been called a shame-based model of marriage. Allowing for the possibility of divorce, even though many may not take it, helps people show up to marry with the mindset that they can choose to do what is right for them. In Wyoming, as well as other states, preparing for divorce can be as important as preparing for the marriage itself. 

Too old to divorce? Think again.

The golden years are looking a lot different these days. Traditionally, people imagined themselves ending their lives with their long-term partners -- for better or for worse. But as social stigmas surrounding divorce have lessened, and resources for single people become more available, more folks are thinking, why compromise? In a recent news story, the ins and outs of gray divorce are covered, giving food for thought to older couples considering divorce in Wyoming. 

Helping children cope with divorce

Deciding to end a marriage can be a stressful experience for Wyoming couples and others around the country. It is particularly difficult when there are children involved, no matter what the ages. Experts stress the importance of considering how a divorce will impact the children. Though it may be hard for the separating couple, it is imperative that children are given ways to deal with their parents' divorce.

Many older couples are seeking divorce

A national center that frequently provides information on social issues, public opinion and demographic trends recently reported that more older couples are deciding to end their marriages. According to data, in the past 25 years, divorce among those 50 years old and over has doubled. Many Wyoming couples and others around the country seeking a divorce have been married a long time and have adult children.

What can we learn from a celebrity divorce?

When a high-profile marriage ends, residents in Wyoming and around the country typically witness many of the details of the split played out in the media. When celebrities divorce, the process can be very contentious unless discussions regarding division of property occurred prior to the wedding. However, one practice many celebrities follow can help couples, no matter what their income level.

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