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Shared child custody may be best solution

Children deserve the very best and most fair treatment possible since they lack control over their lives. A young child is innocent and should be able to focus solely on growth and development so that he or she may thrive as an adult. As divorce becomes a more normalized part of culture, evidence-based research is emerging about how to best support children through divorce. Parents facing child custody questions in Wyoming may be interested to learn about research pointing to the positive benefits of shared custody. 

Both parents important in child custody

New research shows that a child's relationship with mom and dad is equally important. Gone are the days of defaulting to single custody for one parent with visitation for the other. With an important exception for keeping a child away from a parent that is abusive or neglectful, the general rule, borne out by research, is that shared child custody is the best option for the child. Individuals in Wyoming who desire to split caregiving with their ex can take some hope from one scientist's recent research. 

Child custody dispute focuses on private mental health history

If a physician has determined that a person's mental health history does not affect their ability to parent, should that person have to release their health records? That is the question posed in a recent child custody case in which a mother sought full custody of her children. Her husband, diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder, was reluctant to offer up his full private details. A recent news article shares more details about the unusual custody case that readers in Wyoming may find interesting. 

Shared child custody normalized on children's TV show

Children's television shows can be an important tool to teach kids about a wider range of family arrangements. Traditionally, shows have stayed close to the concept of the nuclear or the blended family. A new Disney show tackles the topic of divorce and shows a family who shares child custody in a mature and peaceful way. For co-parenting families in Wyoming, the show can serve as a way to demonstrate to children that shared child custody can be a normal and healthy way for families to interact. 

Study looks at overnights and child-parent relationships for kids of split parents

The relationship between a parent and a child is an incredibly important one, and it can be impacted by a great many things. This includes what time a child gets with each of their parents if their parents end up splitting. For example, a recent study suggests that whether or not children of split parents have overnights with each of their parents when they are infants or toddlers could have long-term implications on their relationships with their parents.

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